They did an amazing job! We kept blowing fuses with using very little energy. They fixed my breaker no problem.

- Laura M.

Did everything they said they would. Extremely professional and explained everything that was wrong with my electric and how they fixed it.

- George C.

I just moved into a new house and we had outlets everywhere with no purpose. It was extremely frustrating not knowing what light switches were for when they didn’t do anything. Some of the switches even blew out the internet connection! Extremely frustrating but these guys were able to fix everything. Thank you guys!

- Christine

Very Nice and professional. Our lights wouldn’t stop flickering. It was nice not to have to wait a week+ to have someone fix it

- Dayna

I was very impressed with the service of Molloy electric. This company was referred to me from a friend and I’m glad I used them.

- Jane B.

After getting a price that was 4 times higher, Steve provided multiple solutions for my situation, one that was perfectly sufficient and alleviated a lot of work, and price.  He did the job quickly and friendly.   After one experience working with him I consider him a good friend and know I will be using him for my next projects as well as likely many of my friends and family.  Their hard work and concern are hard to find!

- Daniel C.